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December 31, 2011
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(Regular POV)

-Pie Family Farm-

Pinkie's eyes darted around the room, scanning for something sweet to eat. The only things on the table were bread and salad.

'Mom must've hidden the deserts' Pinkie thought, frowning as her stomach rumbled.

Baby was hungry. Very hungry.

They must have been eating a lot, since Dr. Phantom had said that Baby was as big as an unborn foal would be at five months, not four like it actually was.

The others had gotten worried when Dr. Phantom told them the same thing about their babies, but Pinkie didn't.

Dr. Phantom didn't say it was anything to worry about, so she didn't worry. Why worry when you don't have any reason to?

She was vaguely aware of some-pony saying her name, but didn't respond until she heard some-pony call out, "Pinkamena!"

The pink pony looked around for a moment, searching for the source of the noise. Finally, she found it.

"Oh, hey Inky. When'd you get here?" she asked her sister.

Octavia sighed; no matter how many times she'd try to get Pinkie to refer to her by her stage name, the poofy-maned mare continued to call her by her childhood nickname.

Then again, no-pony in the family called Octavia by her stage name. Mom and Dad called her Isabelle, and Blinky also called her Inky.

"Just a few minutes ago. I had to finish a concert that was running a bit long" she said, answering the question Pinkie had voiced a moment ago.

"Well, it's great to see you again" Pinkie nearly squealed, hugging her grey sister. Her rather swollen belly made the action a bit difficult, but she managed.

For a moment, Octavia didn't move. Finally, she returned the gesture, squeezing Pinkie slightly. Suddenly her eyes widened slightly and she pulled away, staring at Pinkie's stomach.

"Pinkie…?" Octavia began, seeming unsure of what she was actually going to ask her energetic sister.

The older girl simply smiled, saying that she would tell them all later, before she bounced into the kitchen, clearly searching for something sweet.


Sue Pie ran into the kitchen at the sound of glass shattering, followed suit by her husband Clyde and two of their daughters, Isabelle and Belinda (better known as Inky/Octavia and Blinky).

"Pinkamena, what happened here?" Sue asked her eldest daughter, who was standing by the remains of a glass vase.

Pinkie lowered her head slightly in what appeared to be shame.

"Mom, I broke your vase…" she said softly. Her mood seemed to instantly perk up as she added, "Also, I'm pregnant."

Three sets of jaws dropped at the second statement.

Sue, however, didn't seem to notice what Pinkie had said. She simply went over and began picking up the broken pieces of glass, being careful not to cut her tongue on the sharp edges.

"Well, it was an accident. I'm just glad you're not…".

Suddenly, what Pinkie announced seemed to sink in. Sue looked questioningly at Pinkie's stomach, then into the blues eyes of her daughter, silently asking if it was true.

Pinkie nodded, grinning and rubbing her stomach slightly.

The matriarch of the Pie family excused herself from the room, leaving her husband alone with their three daughters.

The twins instantly began chatting with Pinkie, the news of their big sister expecting a foal apparently enough to jolly them out of their normally fairly serious and somber mood.

They only stopped talking when Clyde stepped towards them, clearing his throat. He wanted to speak with Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie looked up at her father, her eyes shining with joy.

"So…who is the colt?" he asked, his voice somewhat cold.

The pink pony didn't seem to understand. She cocked an "eyebrow", seeming to consider the question.

Finally, she responded.

"Well, I'm calling him Butterscotch, but I don't even know if he's actually a colt. Dr. Phantom and Dr. Needles didn't tell me." She told her father with a smile.

Clyde blinked twice, not speaking. He sighed; He did love Pinkie, but talking to her could be frustrating.

"I meant, who is the father?" he asked her.

The tone of his voice made it very clear why he wanted to know who the father of his daughter's unborn foal was. Pinkie shrugged slightly.

"I dunno. Don't think I've seen him since I got Butterscotch inside me. The baby, not the candy." She said, giggling slightly at the joke.

Clyde's eyes narrowed slightly. He nuzzled his pink daughter's cheek gently, telling her to tell the boy who got her with foal to come visit the farm if she ever saw him again before going to join his wife.

Pinkie turned back to Blinky and Octavia, instantly restarting the conversation they were having moments ago.


-Twilight's Library-

It was times like this that made Twilight thankful for her magic.

By now, her stomach was large enough that it made lying on it somewhat comfortable, so the unicorn was basically forced to recline on her side. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that she had a difficult time propping up her books so she could read while in a comfortable position while on her side. Fortunately, she had magic to help her.

Twilight Sparkle was now using her telekinesis to keep a rather thick book on Equestrian myths and legends (something she normally didn't read, but considering the odd circumstances involving the development of her and her friends' foals, she wanted to see if there were any legends that could possibly explain things. So far, there weren't) within her range of vision, also using the magic to turn the page whenever she finished the one she was currently on.

Spike sat nearby, staring at her stomach. He knew what was causing his best friend's stomach to expand so rapidly, and it seemed to mesmerize him. He noticed that Twilight would jerk occasionally.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concern evident in his voice.

The purple mare looked at him and smiled slightly.

"Nothing's wrong, Spike. The baby's just moving; that's all" she told him.

The baby dragon's eyes widened slightly. His eyes locked onto her stomach again, apparently watching for a sign of movement. When he didn't see any, he decided to take a different approach. Spike reached a claw towards the pony's stomach, stopping just inches away from it.

Twilight noticed his hesitation and chuckled good-naturedly.

"Go ahead, Spike. It's not going to hurt you" she said, adjusting her position slightly.

Her assistant nodded slightly but didn't move his claw. He still seemed somewhat nervous.

Finally, he placed his claw flat onto her swollen abdomen. At first, he didn't feel anything and he wondered if Twilight had actually felt anything before. Suddenly he felt it: a slight but defiant nudge against the palm of his clawed hand.

The little purple and green dragon let out a small noise of awe, keeping his claw on the unicorn's stomach. He seemed to honestly enjoy feeling the unborn foal of his best friend move around inside her womb.

Twilight glanced back at Spike, smiling, before turning her attention back to the book



"What are they doing here?" Rainbow Dash groaned to herself when she noticed the old bullies for summer flight camp hovering past Carrot Top's produce stand, Hoops grabbing a carrot while Dumbbell tossed a bit at the owner, apparently to pay for it.

These two rarely left Cloudsdale. Actually, as far as Rainbow Dash could remember, they had never left Cloudsdale. They had never come to Ponyville; she knew that much.

Well, they were harmless enough. They were stupid and annoying, but they couldn't do much damage.

"Your Pinkie Puff friend feeding you too many cupcakes, Rainbow Crash?" Hoops questioned, walking up to the cyan-colored pegasus. He laughed at his own joke, Dumbbell joining in after a second.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes.

"At least I have an excuse" she muttered, starting to honestly get angry.

The two stallions stopped laughing, staring at the mare in confusion.

Though whether they were trying to figure out why she had an excuse or if she had just insulted them wasn't entirely clear.

Hoops looked down, staring at Rainbow Dash's stomach. He remained silent, seeming to be thinking hard about something. Suddenly, his contemplative expression turned to one of realization. A second later, the look of realization changed to an expression of slight terror. The orange stallion, for what appeared to be no reason what-so-ever, suddenly flew off.

It took several seconds before Dumbell seemed to notice that his best friend had left, but when he did notice, he flew off himself.

Rainbow Dash blinked twice slowly, wondering why the two stallions had flown off so suddenly.

Then she shrugged.

At least they were gone, now.
Disclaimer: I don't even own the toys or any DVDs (By the way, Hasbro, what's with the episode selection on "Friendship Express"? I can understand Mare in the Moon and Elements of Harmony, but Over a Barrel?), so what makes you think I own Friendship is Magic? It, and all the characters from the series, are the property of Hasbro and Lauren Faust. I own the unborn foals, Dr. Phantom, Dr. Needles, and the plot of this story.

Ponies are like the adrenaline of my writing. I have never written this much is such a short amount of time. I mean, I've gotten up four chapters of decent length in, like, a third of the time it usually takes me to write one chapter.

As for the actual chapter, I'm sorry that I didn't have any Fluttershy, Rarity, or Applejack in this chapter, but I couldn't really think of anything for the three of them to do. Trust me, if I could have at least thought of something for Fluttershy and Rarity, especially Rarity, to do, they would have been in the chapter.

I also do support the idea of Octavia being one of Pinkie's sisters, as well as they idea of Inky/Octavia and Blinky being twins. As for the names, I think a few fans call Inky/Octavia "Isabelle" for her real first name, but most people say that Blinky's real name is "Bellamena", to go with Pinkamena. If I was going to make Blinky and Pinkie twins, I'd probably have done that, but since I didn't, I thought "Belinda" sounded better.

Am I the only one who finds Spike cute in this chapter?

Next chapter will have Celestia learning about the foals…and where they actually came from.
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loverainicorn Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
spike was cute
SharpieGirl01 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No. No you are not the only one who thinks Spike is cute in this chapter ^.^
Silverviper2134 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
Glad to hear that. I really liked the idea of Spike being fascinated by the idea of Twilight's pregnancy, and being worried whenever it seemed like she was in pain.
SharpieGirl01 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
irkangirlq1516 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Huh... Well Pinkies dad seemed to take the news pretty well for a father. And I would really hate to see his expression when he finds out that she didn't even play scrabble with anypony to make the little foal... Even worse yet when he finds out that the daddy is really the spirt of chaos.
Silverviper2134 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012
Clyde really wants to kill the guy who got Pinkie pregnant, and then apparently left her...of course, he can't really do that now.
irkangirlq1516 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Well at least he does a better job of hiding that little fact better than my own dad would... Not that I would do that.
CinnamonClover Featured By Owner May 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I think the two idiots thought she ATE Pinkie.
DracoDei Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Hobbyist Writer

Rainbow Dash blinked twice slowly, wondering why the two stallions had flown off so suddenly.
-Not seeing why they would run off either. Are they afraid she will have a mood swing and beat them up (2 on 1 while maintaining a vanishingly small risk to the foal? She knows kung-fu and is a world-class athlete...). If they are afraid of her husband/boyfriend... well they are idiots for not being more afraid of her. Then again, anyone she would attract would probably be capable of beating them up too. Are they afraid she might be husband-hungry after getting dumped when she got pregnant? Conclusion jumping that she was dumped. The middle possibility (afraid of her non-existent husband seems the most likely).
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